Weight is an important factor if you are going to be carrying a tent on a backpacking trip or adventure race.

When you search for ultralight tents, you will find that these are far more expensive than heavier tents, due to the higher price of lighter materials and fabrics. Even so, we want to keep the pack weight as low as possible, it’s an investment in comfort.

We found in the process of making tents that weights between 700-1000 grams can find a good balance between price, weight, and strength, so we make tents based on this weight range.

The following three types of tents are less than or approximately equal to 1kg/2lb and will not cost more than $200.


Lanshan 1

Fabric: PU Nylon

BODY WEIGHT: 760g / 1.67 lbs (Fly-410g, Inner:350g)

TRAIL WEIGHT: 910g / 32.1oz

Structure: 2 Layer Wall Pyramid tent, 1 Door, 1 Vestibule

DIMENSION: 270*110*125cm 




Lanshan 1 PRO

lanshan 1 pro khaki

Fabric: SilNylon

BODY WEIGHT: 690g / 1.52 lb (only tent)

TRAIL WEIGHT: 840g / 1.85 lb

Structure: 1 Layer Wall Pyramid tent, 1 Door, 1 Vestibule;

DIMENSION: 270*110*125cm

Lanshan 2 PRO

lanshan 2 pro

Fabric: SilNylon

BODY WEIGHT: 910g / 2 lbs

TRAIL WEIGHT: 1050g / 2.31lb

Structure: 1 Layer Wall Dual-apex, 2 Door, 2 Vestibule